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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Your business is your livelihood, and when you can’t be on the premises, you need protection you can trust. Lloyd Security offers intrusion alarms for retail stores in Minneapolis and beyond, as well as office buildings, warehouses and other commercial enterprises. Sophisticated intrusion-detection technology is a key component of a complete commercial security package. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call or email our office today.

Advanced Technology to Protect What Matters Most

With more than 10 years of security expertise, Lloyd Security can match you with the right combination of protective devices for your business. We can install an intrusion alarm for your restaurant or office that is triggered by door contacts, motion sensors, photoelectric beams or any other type of alert system. Our products are easy to use and program, reducing the risk of a false alarm. Remote control from our exclusive smartphone app means there are no complicated codes to memorize or menus to navigate. Intrusion-detection alarms are great for residential use, too. Our systems can be found in some of Minneapolis’s most prestigious addresses, where they provide enhanced protection from theft and vandalism. Whether you’re a homeowner or an entrepreneur, count on our products to deliver protection and peace of mind for all your important assets.

Improve Response Times With Video Verification

Lloyd Security’s video verification service ensures that, when an alarm is triggered, law enforcement has the information they need to respond quickly. Because of the high rate of false alarms caused by poor-quality intrusion alarms, many police and fire departments will prioritize calls that are verified with video evidence. As such, our video verification systems make the perfect complement to our intrusion alarms, one that will provide additional security and a better likelihood of a successful intervention in the event that something does happen to your home or business. To find out more, or to request a quote for a complete security package containing powerful surveillance and intrusion-detection systems, contact Minneapolis’s Lloyd Security today. As the Twin Cities’ most prominent security company, we have installed intrusion alarms for Minneapolis office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants and more.