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Electronic Store Security Systems  

Electronic stores are filled with televisions, smartphones, computers and other expensive, highly coveted gadgets. This makes them a prime target for both internal and external theft. If you own an electronics store in the Minneapolis area and are not taking a proactive approach to security, you’re probably losing a substantial amount of your profits to shoplifting, shrinkage and employee theft. You are also more susceptible to a break-in that could result in an extensive loss of inventory.

When it’s time to upgrade or replace security systems for electronic stores in Minneapolis, smart store owners turn to Lloyd Security. Since 2002, we have been meeting the unique security requirements of electronic stores and other types of retail establishments throughout the Twin Cities area. We can provide your store with an effective, state-of-the-art security solution that will fully protect your valuable assets, but without breaking your budget.

The Best Security Cameras for Electronic Stores in Minneapolis and Beyond

Efficient video surveillance can go a long way toward reducing your theft risk, as well as catching the perpetrators when a theft or break-in does occur. Lloyd Security offers the latest internal and external security cameras for electronic store use. You will be able to keep a close watch on high-risk areas such as sales floors, backrooms, entrances and secluded aisles at all times. Get the benefit of clear HD-quality video and remote access via your computer or smartphone. Highly visible security cameras can also prove to be an effective deterrent that prevents practices such as shoplifting, “sweethearting” (where employees give unauthorized discounts to their friends or family members) and employee theft.

Intrusion Detection Devices Provide Instant Alerts When a Break-in Occurs

Are worries about in a break-in keeping you up at night? Get peace of mind by installing advanced intrusion detection devices from Lloyd Security. Products such as motion sensors, door contacts and photoelectric beams will provide an immediate alert to law enforcement in your local area. The inclusion of a Lloyd Security video verification system will ensure a faster response time and reduce the occurrence of false alarms.

Lloyd Security: A Full-Service Security Systems Provider You Can Trust

Our extensive experience and unrivaled knowledge of the unique security threats Minneapolis-area business owners face enables us to provide the right security solution for your needs. We will work closely with you to design a customized, fully integrated security system for electronic stores that fits your budget. What’s more, we will install your system with speed and efficiency, while also providing comprehensive maintenance and support for as long as you remain a valued Lloyd Security customer.

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