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Enterprise Business Security Systems  Enterprise business Security Systems

Do you operate a larger/multi-facility business enterprise? Maintaining tight security at these types of commercial/industrial operations poses a number of challenges. Multiple entrances and exits make it difficult to control access to the facility and offer an open invitation to intruders. If you employ a large number of workers, controlling employee theft can be extremely difficult. If you haven’t installed an up-to-date, high-functioning enterprise business security system, you’re probably not doing all you can to fully protect your property.

If it’s time to upgrade to a state-of-the-art enterprise business security system in MN, look no further than Minneapolis-based Lloyd Security. We have extensive experience in designing and installing high-quality enterprise business security systems for companies in all types of industries. Whether yours is a sprawling industrial complex, office campus or multi-unit operation, we can provide a cost-effective solution that meets your unique security requirements.

Video Surveillance Systems Enable 24/7 Monitoring 

Lloyd Security can provide your MN business with an effective, reliable video system featuring the latest enterprise business security cameras. These IP cameras enable you to monitor entrances and exits, work areas, parking lots and other high-risk security areas. You’ll get a clear HD video stream you can view on your Web-enabled computer or remotely via your smartphone.

Cloud recording and storage allows you to retrieve and review archived video footage whenever you wish, making it easy to target specific time frames. Many of our enterprise security cameras offer the advantage of wireless connectivity, enabling simplified installation and maintenance in larger facilities.

Intrusion Protection Devices for Commercial Enterprises

We can help you design a customized system of intrusion detection devices that are installed at all points of entry. When combined with an efficient video verification system, devices such as motion detectors, door contacts and photoelectric beams offer an effective defense against burglars and other uninvited guests.

Keyless Access Control for Enhanced Enterprise Security 

Old-fashioned lock-and-key systems no longer meet the security needs of the modern enterprise. Keys are easily lost or duplicated, which can allow them to fall into the wrong hands. Lloyd Security offers a number of keyless access control system options that will enable you to limit the risk of unauthorized access, while also helping you monitor the arrival and departure of your employees.

We Provide Complete Support for Our MN Enterprise Business Security Systems

Regardless of the size or scope of your enterprise, Lloyd Security can design and install a comprehensive, fully integrated security system that meets your needs. We also provide complete support and maintenance to ensure your system is always operating at peak efficiency. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your business enterprise is totally safe and secure.

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