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If you’re investigating installing a security system for your home or business, there may be a lot of information swirling around about alarm systems that could be confusing. Do they work? Do you really need one? Is there an insurance benefit? Read on to learn some of the most important facts about security systems that you need to know.

No matter where you live or work in the U.S., you are not immune to the threat of property crime. According to FBI statistics, there were more than 8.2 million property crimes (including larceny-theft, burglaries and vehicle theft) reported by law enforcement agencies across the nation in 2014 alone. Larceny-theft and burglary accounted for more than 90 percent of this criminal activity.

With the high amount of crime that occur on a daily basis, it’s no wonder an increasing number of home and business owners are turning to some type of security/alarm system to safeguard their properties — and the people who occupy them. With the advent of modern technology such as high-quality IP cameras, intrusion detection devices, access control systems, wireless connectivity and remote monitoring and operation, home and commercial security systems are now more effective, reliable and easy to use than ever.

Just how useful are home security systems? Here are some home security facts to know that may help you decide whether you need a new home security system and what type is best for you.

Facts About Home Security Systems 

Naturally, one of the most important residential security system facts you will want to know is, “do they actually work?” A home security system is an investment, and before you make it, you probably want to know how much safer your home is with a security system than without one. How effective are security systems when it comes to protecting your home? Consider the following home alarm system statistics as reported by SafeWise.com:

  • Homes equipped with security systems are as much as 300 percent less likely to be burglarized than those without one.
  • If a home is burglarized, the average amount of stolen property from home containing a security system is $3,000, whereas totals are closer to $5,000 in a home without a system.

Do the people who know about security know these security system facts? Consider the following:

  • Approximately 85 percent of law enforcement officials believe that a home alarm system is an effective deterrent to break-ins/burglary attempts.
  • In addition, many insurance companies offer a premium discount of as much as 20 percent to property owners who have installed a security system.

Facts About Commercial Security Systems 

While hopefully the considerable benefits of a modern, high-tech, reliable home security system are now clear, what about security systems for your business? Statistics also point out the value of installing a security system in a commercial establishment. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a business property equipped with an alarm system is four times less likely to be broken into than an unprotected property. In addition, FBI statistics indicate that 60 percent of business burglaries occur when no one is on the premises, which underscores the need for a security system for after-hours protection. Finally, the FBI points out that only 10 percent of the robberies of commercial establishments that lack a reliable security system are actually solved by law enforcement.

Lloyd Security Can Meet Your Home or Business Security Needs

These alarm system statistics may be somewhat daunting, and even frightening. But if you own a home or business in the Minneapolis, MN area, the help you need to protect your property is just a phone call away. Lloyd Security has been providing high-quality security solutions to residential and commercial property owners in the Twin Cities since 2002. We offer state-of-the-art security system products such as IP video surveillance cameras, motion sensors, burglar and fire alarms, access control systems and much more.

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