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Smoke and Fire Alarms

A sudden fire easily ranks among most homeowners’ biggest fears. While it’s important to take preventive steps to protect your property, a reliable alarm system is an effective safety net that can catch fires before they spread. For this reason, a quality fire alarm is an important investment, no matter the age of your home. While it’s possible to walk down to your local hardware store and buy any generic fire detector, today’s sophisticated systems offer a number of exclusive benefits that provide additional security and peace of mind. If you’re in the market for a new fire alarm or home smoke detector in Minneapolis, contact Lloyd Security first. We are a leading supplier of commercial fire alarms in Minneapolis We carry a wide selection of advanced products for properties of any size. Keep reading to learn more, or call our office directly for assistance.

Home Fire Alarms

Lloyd Security is a fire alarm supplier for some of Minneapolis’ most prestigious addresses. Our products deliver more value for your money, offering exclusive features such as smartphone controls, multisensor technology and more. While highly effective on their own, our products work best as part of a complete integrated home security solution. Let us put together a package containing smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection, remote lighting and thermostat control, home security and more. Our exclusive smartphone app puts control over these and other functions right in the palm of your hand.

Maintenance and Repairs

Contact Lloyd Security for factory-authorized fire alarm maintenance in Bloomington and Minneapolis. We can help you fulfill safety requirements for compliance with OSHA, ISO and other regulatory standards by making sure your system is working reliably at all times. If you suspect a problem, our technicians can provide 24-hour fire alarm repairs for businesses in Minneapolis and beyond. For all your fire alarm installation, maintenance and repair needs, call Lloyd Security today.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Lloyd Security has the expertise needed to meet the complex engineering challenges of fire and smoke detection in large commercial facilities. In the past, our team has provided sophisticated smoke detection systems for office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, schools and other commercial properties.