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Glass-Break Sensors

Windows are among the most common points of entry for thieves in both homes and commercial buildings. As part of a complete intrusion detection system, glass-break sensors comprise your first line of defense against break-ins.

Your investment in a Lloyd Security glass-break alarm is one that will deliver protection and peace of mind for years to come. Our systems are easy-to-use, unobtrusive and highly effective. If you’re already a Lloyd Security customer, contact your sales rep to find out whether or not a glass-break detector is right for your property.

How a Glass-Break Sensor Helps

In Minneapolis, glass-break sensors can be programmed to alert police, trigger an alarm or send a message to your smartphone when tripped. They also serve as a powerful deterrent to thieves, many of whom know to look for the sensor and will target a different house if they notice one. Like other forms of intrusion detection, glass-break sensors are activated before a thief enters the home. Compared to interior motion-detecting systems, they provide valuable additional seconds of warning when a break-in attempt is made.

Who Needs a Glass-Break Detector?

Lloyd Security window alarms can be found in homes and businesses throughout the Twin Cities. Our systems are ideal for residential properties, where they provide homeowners with an important extra measure of security when paired with a conventional alarm system.

You’ll also find our glass-break alarms in Minneapolis retail stores, restaurants, hospitals and other operations. In commercial applications, they help keep your valuable assets safe while you are off-site – an important priority for any business owner.

Why Lloyd Security?

Lloyd Security has more than 10 years of experience providing window security devices for Minneapolis homes and businesses. We carry the latest window alarms and other security systems, including many highly sophisticated products that are more accurate and reliable than ever before.

Ready to get started? The process begins with a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable security experts. Call to book your appointment today.