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Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Cameras

As the single-biggest purchase you’re ever likely to make, your home is an investment that’s worth protecting. Just as you invest in regular care and maintenance for your home, a sophisticated camera security system gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected for the long term. In Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities area, Lloyd Security is your partner for indoor and outdoor home security cameras. We have more than 10 years of experience at the forefront of intrusion detection and monitoring technology. Our expert advisors can match you with the right system for your needs.

Why Buy a Video Surveillance System?

No matter where you live, an outdoor/indoor video surveillance system is an excellent investment for any home. With Lloyd Security products, you can:

  • Monitor your home remotely when at work or on vacation
  • Check up on your kids, pets and elderly or sick family members
  • Deter thieves from targeting your house
  • Record invaluable visual evidence for police should a break-in or vandalism occur

As well, many homeowners’ insurance companies offer a discounted rate for policyholders who install a home video surveillance system.

Wireless Home Security Cameras for Minneapolis Homes

Lloyd Security offers indoor and outdoor home video surveillance systems for Minneapolis and beyond. Our systems are fully customizable and include sophisticated features such as HD recording, cloud storage and flexible software. Your security camera can be connected to your smartphone for remote access or viewed over the Internet — when you meet with our team for a consultation, we’ll help you determine the best possible combination of products and services for your home and lifestyle.

Video Verification Means Faster Response Times

During a break-in or other emergency, every second counts. When an alarm is triggered with your local police department, video verification provides their response team with important information about the nature of the incident that allows them to take more appropriate action. For more information about the benefits of video verification or to request a quote for a set of security cameras for your home, contact Minneapolis’ security experts. Call or email Lloyd Security to book your appointment today.