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If you own or operate a jewelry store, security is always a primary concern. In addition to the constant threat of a robbery or break-in, you also have to worry about “grab and run” theft committed by criminals posing as shoppers. Even valued, trusted employees could pose a security threat if their activities aren’t monitored closely throughout the day.

Jewelry Store Security Tips

Security experts recommend taking a number of steps jewelry store owners can take to minimize their risk and protect their valuable assets including:

  • Asking for ID prior to showing high-value items to customers you do not know.
  • Designing your store’s layout so customers are forced to walk around display cases to reach the door instead of having a direct path to the exit.
  • Placing your most valuable items in a vault or safe at the close of business.
  • Only showing one item at a time to a customer.
  • When installing a jewelry shop security system, be sure it covers favorite burglar entry points such as the rear/emergency exit, roof, skylight, bathroom window and HVAC ductwork.

Lloyd Security Offers the Best Security Systems for Jewelry Stores in Minneapolis

If you are in the market for jewelry shop security systems in Minneapolis that will fully protect your property and your valuable inventory, look no further than Lloyd Security. We’ve been proudly serving the security needs of commercial operations throughout the Twin Cities region since 2002. We offer a wide range of fully integrated jewelry shop security system solutions, as well as expert system design to ensure your most vulnerable areas are covered.

Video Surveillance for Jewelry Stores

Strategically placed video cameras will enable you to monitor and record all activities inside and outside your store on a 24/7 basis. Lloyd Security offers innovative IP cameras that provide a clear HD-quality video feed to your Web-enabled computer or mobile device, so you can keep a close watch even when you’re away from the store. You can also retrieve and review archived footage to pinpoint the times when a theft or other criminal act may have occurred.

Intrusion Detection Devices That Provide a Prompt Response 

Our Minneapolis jewelry store security options also include intrusion detection devices such as motion sensors and door contacts that send instant alerts if a burglar attempts to break in. Placing these devices at all possible points of entry combined with our video verification service ensures a prompt response from law enforcement and significantly reduces the likelihood of false alarms.

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