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Motion Sensor Security Equipment

In an uncertain world, it takes sophisticated technology to provide maximum safety and security. While motion-sensing equipment may seem like something out of a spy movie, it actually has a number of highly practical applications in homes, schools and businesses where security is important. Lloyd Security has been a leader in residential and commercial security solutions for more than 10 years. Serving the Twin Cities and the western region of Wisconsin, we can provide motion sensors for retail stores in Minneapolis, homes in St. Paul, offices in Bloomington and any other type of property.

Motion Sensors for Homes

Minneapolis homeowners who install motion-sensing devices on their property benefit from additional security against intruders and greater peace of mind while away from the home. Today’s home motion sensors are far more sophisticated than previous generations. In addition to being less prone to false alarms caused by pets, Lloyd Security offers several models with smartphone controls for easy arming and disabling. With our products, there’s no complicated menus to navigate or codes to learn – everything you need is available via our mobile app.

Motion Sensors for Retail Stores, Restaurants and Other Commercial Establishments

Motion sensors aren’t just useful in the home. In fact, they are particularly valuable in any type of retail storefront or other business. Our products can be found in office buildings, warehouses, vacant lots and more, where they provide around-the-clock enhanced security against unauthorized access. Your business may be your livelihood, but it shouldn’t be your only focus in life. With a commercial motion sensor system from Lloyd Security, you can rest easy knowing that your property is protected while you’re away.

Applications and Benefits

In addition to their role in an office or school security system, motion sensors can also be used to trigger lights, allowing for safety and convenience when coming home late at night. Ideal for apartment complexes and suburban homes, our products are intuitive and easy to use in any application. Find out what makes Lloyd Security Minneapolis’s leader in motion-sensing technology by contacting our office today. One of our team members will be happy to arrange a free consultation and product demonstration at your convenience.