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Security Cameras for Vacant Properties

Vacant lots and properties under construction are prime targets for thieves and vandals. To protect your investment, you need a security camera system from Lloyd Security. Our products are both powerful deterrents to potential thieves and useful tools for remotely monitoring vacant properties. Let us put together a customized package that is affordable and easy to use. Keep reading to learn more or contact us by phone or email today.

Why Install a Security Camera on a Vacant Property?

A minimal investment in a vacant property security system from Minneapolis’ Lloyd Security can have many benefits that save you money and time. Our products can:

  • Prevent the theft of expensive construction materials or copper wiring and other vacant building components
  • Prevent vandalism that is expensive and time-consuming to clean up
  • Protect you from liability should someone be injured while sneaking on-site
  • Monitor site conditions and respond to emergencies such as fires, floods and other issues

Compared to the cost of hiring an overnight security crew, a vacant property surveillance system is the clear value-leader.

Contact Lloyd Security to Get Started Today

We provide monitoring cameras and security systems for vacant stores in Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond. Contact our office and request a consultation with one of our experienced security sales professionals today.