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Security Systems for Colleges

When students arrive at a college or university, that institution bears a responsibility not just to educate its students, but also to protect them and keep them safe while living and studying. Given today’s technology, it’s far easier and far more effective to protect students now than it was just a few years ago. Given the many types of buildings and needs a university has, where does one begin to assess and address security options?

Here’s a look at factors to consider when it comes to security systems for colleges.

Regulating Physical Access

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing security systems is how to control physical access to structures. On a college campus, access to everything from dormitories to administrative offices to education buildings must be fully protected for a variety of reasons.

Just like in a home security system, a university should have multiple layers of detection that include video cameras, monitors on doors, motion detection systems and more. This multilayered system provides a significant deterrent to anyone who might want to access an area to cause harm to person or property.

Secure Identification

Another security system challenge at universities is providing access to those who need it while restricting access to those who do not. For example, students must be able to enter their dorm buildings even late at night, but those dorms need protection from nonstudents. Professors and other faculty must be able to enter their offices and classrooms when necessary, but those same offices and classrooms need to be protected from those who are not supposed to be there.

A secure identification system can be used to grant that access, and the same system can be used for any number of other purposes, such as registering attendance at compulsory events, dispensing a declining balance of money at on-campus stores and restaurants, and much more.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated security systems for universities are the right answer for modern places of education. An integrated solution can provide intrusion detection and automatic response from a central location. They can be used throughout campus to protect against intrusion, fire and other threats, and they take advantage of all modern layers available – video surveillance and motion detection included. These integrated systems can help prevent everything from theft to bullying, and they can help reduce the university’s risk.

Assessing Your Needs

College campus security systems should be customized to meet the unique needs of a specific university. Make sure you’re assessing your own needs properly. A good place to start is by taking a close look at your school’s vulnerabilities. Take time to visit with those who spend time on the campus in order to develop long-term goals and objectives. Assess your resources, too: How much can you afford to apply toward a security system? Then, find a vendor who can satisfy your unique needs.

Your Source for College Campus Security Systems

At Lloyd Security, we are your source for security systems for colleges in Minneapolis and beyond. We can help you assess your unique needs and deliver the integrated solution your university requires.

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