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How to Protect Your Business from Intruders

Lloyd Security offers advanced theft protection for businesses in the Minneapolis area. No matter what kind of business you own, we know how much security means to the success of your business. We also know that each facility has its own security requirements. We take the time to fully assess your security needs and put together a unique package for you. Don’t take a risk on poor security. Contact Lloyd Security for the best commercial security system in the Minneapolis area.

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Lloyd Security carries a comprehensive lineup of advanced security solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our products and services include:

  • Intrusion protection devices that alert you and the authorities when unauthorized access occurs. We can suggest a combination of door contacts, motion sensors, photoelectric beams and other controls that offer complete protection at all potential points of entry.
  • Video surveillance systems for indoor and outdoor areas. Our products provide a clear HD video stream online or to your smartphone, as well as cloud storage of archived footage for retrieval and review at any time.
  • Keyless access control systems that go beyond traditional locks and keys, providing enhanced security and tracking when and where employees enter and exit your facility.
  • Video verification for alerting authorities when a break-in or another emergency occurs. Video verification has been proven to increase incident response time.


Video Surveillance

Our industry leading surveillance cameras will help keep your facility protected. We offer a variety of high-tech designed video surveillance systems comprised of HD-quality IP cameras. Features of our commercial video surveillance security systems for businesses include:

      • Custom Video solutions
      • Variety of different systems and functions available
      • Industry Leading software
      • Long range video detection
      • Wireless video detection systems
      • Remote access from anywhere
      • Cloud Recording

Access Control

Access control systems are essential in keeping your business safe from intruders.Keys are easily duplicated or stolen and do not provide you with the information on who has entered your building. Lloyd security develops reliable, yet simple access control systems to help you manage your business safety.


Wireless Connectivity Makes Managing Risk Easy

The old days of bulky video surveillance are long gone with Lloyd Security. We offer commercial security devices for the modern world that leverage Wi-Fi and mobile apps to make protecting your valuable assets easy. With Lloyd Security, there are no codes to memorize or confusing menus to navigate. Our security systems are simple, intuitive and highly effective. Find out why Lloyd Security is a leading security company by contacting our office today.


Video Verification

Traditional security systems for businesses often trigger false alarms, and because of this many jurisdictions require verification in order get an response from law enforcement. With our commercial business security system, our verified alarm triggers a priority response from police allowing them to arrive in time to stop any damage or theft from occuring. Lloyd Security has partnered with leading security companies to offer video verification of alarm events. Our systems will diapatch police in second providing the quick response you are looking for. This difference in response time can help you avoid theft and damage to your facility. Don’t wait for the police to respond when it is too late. Get a video verified system today!

Average Police Response Times to Alarms

Traditional Alarm Systems vs. Verified Video Alarm Systemso

  • Phoenix, AZ 40min to 2 hrs. 110%
  • Boston Mass 21min 30sec 70%
  • Chula Vista, CA 19 min 18 sec 65%
  • Salinas, CA 39 min 25 second 100%
  • Fairfax County, VA 18 min 2 sec 65%
  • Phoenix, AZ 5min, 13sec 8%
  • Boston Mass 7:38 14%
  • Chula Vista, CA 5 Min 5 sec 10%
  • Salinas, CA 2min 54 sec 4%
  • Fairfax County, VA 6 min 12%
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