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No matter what type of business you run, protecting yourself from unwanted visitors is a critical concern. If you’re relying on a conventional lock and key system for access control, you are putting your business at risk. Keys can be lost or copied.

Take the safety of your business into the 21st century with Lloyd Security. We offer easy-to-use commercial access controls for businesses. Our systems can be found in retail storefronts, restaurants, warehouses and a variety of other facilities.

Go Beyond Lock and Key Systems

Card access systems are smarter and safer. With a Lloyd Security access control panel, you can:

  • Remotely control who is allowed into your facility
  • Set up zones restricting access to sensitive areas to specific employees
  • Monitor when your employees arrive and leave
  • Instantly lockdown your facilities in the event of an emergency

Lloyd Security systems can be controlled from any smartphone, making it easy for managers and security personnel to respond to incidents as they evolve.


Indoor and Outdoor Access Control Systems

Lloyd Security can install both indoor and outdoor access control panels. Our indoor systems allow you to precisely control access within your facilities, while our outdoor control panels maintain perimeter security. All systems are easy to program and built for years of use. Outdoor panels are designed to withstand all weather conditions.


Part of a Complete Security Solution

A commercial access control system is just one of the ways Lloyd Security protects businesses in Minneapolis. We specialize in complete security for commercial properties, including video surveillance, intrusion detection, video verification and more. Leveraging the most advanced technology on the market today, we’ll give you tools to protect your business from break-ins, internal threats and other potential problems.

Our more than 10 years of expertise spans multiple industries and applications. If you’re considering adding a control panel for your business, make Minneapolis’ Lloyd Security your first call. We’ll go over your requirements in detail and put together a complete package containing everything you need to protect your business. Contact our office to request an appointment today.