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Intrusion Detection Systems

Lloyd Securit has the most advanced and high-tech commercial intrusion detection systems available. An intrusion system allows us to monitor your facilities 24/7, to keep your property safe. Our commercial intrusion systems in Minneapolis and through Minnesota, use state of the art, cutting edge technology with video verification systems and advanced video monitoring. Keep burglars out with our security devices. Contact us today!

Commercial Intrusion Detection in Minneapolis

 Lloyd Security is a local, family-owned security company, with the capabilities to deliver high-end security system. Our complete line of security products includes burglar alarms for businesses, verified alarms, motion sensors, photoelectric beams, glass break detectors, and video verification.

Advanced Control Panels

Lloyd Security uses the most respected names in the security industry. The security panels that we install are extremely easy to use and understand. With the option of your security system being hardwired or wireless, we have the perfect custom solutions for you that will fit all of your needs.

Ease of Use

To keep things nice and easy, our intrusion detection systems are easy to use and control. The keypad that you use to activate or disarm the alarm system, is extremely easy to read and simple to operate. With a Lloyd Security control keypad, you will have access to your system whether you’re on site or you’re remote with your smartphone or tablet.

Minneapolis-area business owners all can benefit from a customized Lloyd Security system powered by alarm.com. We make sure to go out of the way to treat every valued customer that we have like family. That way we can connect with our customers individually to give them the personalized and custom solution they need for the commercial and residential needs. You’ll find the best solutions for the following businesses all from Lloyd Security:

  • Restaurants, strip malls and retail stores
  • Residential and realtor security
  • Offices and commercial properties
  • Schools, vehicle lots, parks and recreation
  • Vacant properties, construction sites and scrap yards
  • Warehouses, fenced lots and remote facilities
  • HVAC/rooftops, substations and cell towers
  • Law enforcement and guard enhancement
  • Agriculture, petro/chem and more


24/7 Advanced Monitoring

When an alarm is triggered at your commercial location, central station monitoring agents will be connected to view your cameras and determine if there is an intruder. If there is suspicious activity, they will notify the proper emergency authorities immediately.

  • Faster Response Times
  • Reduce/Eliminate False Alarms + Fines
  • Fewer After-Hours Wake-Up Calls
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Packages available for any sized facility


Intrusion Detection Services

Remote Access

Use your computer, smartphone, and tablet to access your system from wherever you are.  Our remote access software is capable to handle enterprises, meaning that a single login will allow you to access all of the locations.


Preventative Maintenance

With a preventative maintenance contract, our team will visit your site at scheduled times throughout the year to inspect, service, test, clean, and verify correct operation of all components.

Duress Monitoring

Our systems also monitor for a duress situation, in which a user may either enter a special code into the keypad signalling duress, or press a hidden button to sound a silent alarm.

Cellular Monitoring

Lloyd Security is the leading provider of cutting edge, wireless security systems. Unlike “traditional” outdated alarm systems that use phone lines, Lloyd Security sends all communication over secure cellular connections for a faster, more secure response from the monitoring station.

Open/Close Reporting

Your online account will let you to set and create customized, reports to be sent to show you the open and close activity for your facilities.

5-Diamond Monitoring Station

Our 5-Diamond Certified central station monitoring is UL listed and FM approved to keep 24/7 watch over your business. Less than 10% of the monitoring stations nationwide hold this certification of 5-Diamond.