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Most Common Causes of Home Firesmost common causes of house fires

One of the greatest fears of any homeowner is a potential home fire. But what are the common reasons home fires occur, and what steps can you take for the prevention of home fires? Knowledge of the most common causes of fire and tips for prevention can go a long way towards protecting your home, your family and your property.

Here are four causes of fire in the home that you may or may not be aware of.

  1. Electrical Malfunction

A major cause of fires in the home that people often do not consider is an electrical malfunction. People frequently overload electrical outlets with various home appliances, oblivious to the dangers of overloading a circuit.

Ways to Prevent: Be smart with your electrical use. Don’t overload circuits or use faulty appliances. Have your home’s electrical system inspected annually. If a fire does occur, don’t try to put it out with water. Use sand if it’s available and call the fire department immediately.

  1. Cooking

Cooking fires are the number one cause of American house fires. Cooking fires happen most often during frying, when a lot of grease is around. When food is left unattended, that’s when cooking fires are most likely to happen.

Ways to Prevent: Never leave cooking food unattended. Have an efficient fire and smoke alarm detection system installed to alert you quickly to potential danger. If a fire occurs, cut off the fire’s oxygen supply as quickly as possible. Do not use water.

  1. Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryers are responsible for tens of thousands of house fires a year when lint and dust build up and combust in the high heat.

Ways to Prevent: Make sure you clean the lint trap before every use, and remember to clean the dryer vent area frequently to avoid debris buildup and blockages.

  1. Candles

One would think an open flame in the house would be a red flag, but many candles lead to house fires every year.

Ways to Prevent: If you must use candles in the home, never leave them unattended and never put a lit candle where it can easily fall over or near an item that is combustible.

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