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Smoke and Fire Alarms

A sudden fire easily ranks among most homeowners’ biggest fears. While it’s important to take preventive steps to protect your property, a reliable alarm system is an effective safety net that can catch fires before they spread. For this reason, a quality fire alarm is an important investment, no matter the age of your home. While it’s possible to walk down to your local hardware store and buy any generic fire detector, today’s sophisticated systems offer a number of exclusive benefits that provide additional security and peace of mind. If you’re in the market for a new fire alarm or home smoke detector in Minneapolis, contact Lloyd Security first. We are a leading supplier of commercial fire alarms in Minneapolis We carry a wide selection of advanced products for properties of any size. Keep reading to learn more, or call our office directly for assistance.

Home Fire Alarms

Lloyd Security is a fire alarm supplier for some of Minneapolis’ most prestigious addresses. Our products deliver more value for your money, offering exclusive features such as smartphone controls, multisensor technology and more. While highly effective on their own, our products work best as part of a complete integrated home security solution. Let us put together a package containing smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection, remote lighting and thermostat control, home security and more. Our exclusive smartphone app puts control over these and other functions right in the palm of your hand.

Maintenance and Repairs

Contact Lloyd Security for factory-authorized fire alarm maintenance in Bloomington and Minneapolis. We can help you fulfill safety requirements for compliance with OSHA, ISO and other regulatory standards by making sure your system is working reliably at all times. If you suspect a problem, our technicians can provide 24-hour fire alarm repairs for businesses in Minneapolis and beyond. For all your fire alarm installation, maintenance and repair needs, call Lloyd Security today.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Lloyd Security has the expertise needed to meet the complex engineering challenges of fire and smoke detection in large commercial facilities. In the past, our team has provided sophisticated smoke detection systems for office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, schools and other commercial properties.

Smoke Detectors in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

The Minnesota Building Code requires the placement of at least one smoke detector on every level of a home, including one in every bedroom and in hallways outside bedrooms. If you live in Saint Paul, you must have at least one hardwired detector near your home’s sleeping areas. Detectors installed outside of rooms or in hallways above the ground floor should be placed near stairways. Do not install them in garages or kitchens, as smoke produced by cooking or vehicle exhaust could trigger a false alarm. For home remodeling projects, the detectors must be hardwired if there is access to electrical wiring, while battery-operated models are allowed if no wiring is available.

You should replace smoke detectors in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, which is typically every 10 years in most cases. For battery-powered models, you should replace the battery approximately once per year. A chirping sound that is coming from the detector also indicates the need for a new battery. Frequent testing — about once per week or as directed by the manufacturer — can also provide assurance that the unit is functioning properly. Most models include a built-in test button.

Proper Smoke Detector Installation

Proper installation is vital for ensuring your smoke alarm will function when you need it the most. Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions is the best way to ensure a safe installation and to avoid mistakes that could lead to a malfunction. You can install most smoke detectors on either a wall or ceiling in your home, although placing it in the middle of the ceiling in a room is considered the ideal location.

If you’re executing a ceiling installation, place the detector at least 4” away from any wall. A wall installation requires placement at a minimum of 4” and a maximum of 12” down from the ceiling. This ensures that the smoke will reach the unit and set off the alarm before it can infiltrate the entire room. Upon completion of the installation, test the detector by pressing the built-in test button.

Smoke Alarm Inspections

In the Minneapolis area, an inspection is not required when installing battery-powered smoke detectors in a new construction. However, alarms that are hardwired into the structure’s electrical system must undergo an inspection to ensure they comply with all applicable building and fire codes. The inspection applies to any work that requires a permit. The inspection will verify that the detectors are properly wired into the power supply and that the necessary battery backup is available. It will also ensure that all detectors are interconnected so that the alarm will sound throughout the structure when one of the units detects the presence of smoke.