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How Security Systems Are Integrated Into Your Home

When you want a home security system, there’s no shortage of options. Home security has become a big business as we seek to secure and protect our family and belongings. How does security system integration work in the home? Today’s security systems are far more advanced than solutions of even a few years ago.

Here’s a look at the integrated security systems definition, as well as what security system integration in Minneapolis and nearby communities looks like:

What Is an Integrated Security System?

Decades ago, home security might have included a single laser trip wire that sounded a loud alarm that woke homeowners and scared away intruders. This was obviously not an integrated system, but a basic one. Today, given the technology we have, integrated systems are far more prevalent and effective at protecting your home.

An integrated security system is one embedded in the home that provides multilayered intrusion protection and automated alerts for assistance. That is, your home includes multiple points of detection in case one fails or is foiled by an intruder, and help shows up without the need to take any action.

Integrated Detection

Detection is the first line of defense in home security. When you choose integrated security systems in Minneapolis, you enjoy multiple layers of protection. The first layer is an exterior camera that allows you to monitor and document those who come and go from your home.

The next layer will be detection at the points of egress in your home – doors and windows. Full protection would include a monitor on each door and window so the opening of these points of egress will trigger an alarm when the system is engaged. Monitors on today’s doors and windows are small and hardly noticeable, but they are quite effective.

The next layer would be some sort of motion detection in the home. If an intruder manages to get past your cameras and your monitors at the points of egress, a motion detection sensor will trigger the alarm.

Integrated Response

A true security system requires little to nothing of the user. Simply set the system and the response will come automatically if the alarm is triggered. Signals are sent to a central location where you alarm is monitored, and this system should automatically alert the authorities. In many municipalities, it’s important to register your alarm system with the local police to ensure a response comes when your alarm is triggered.

Integrated Monitoring

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with a home security system. For example, if you hear something in the night, you can use modern security systems to check your log of events and see if any of your points of entry has been breached. You can often use modern technology to set or deactivate your alarm system, and you can also use devices to monitor your home and alarm system while away on vacation or otherwise traveling.

Integrated Security Systems in Minneapolis

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