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Vacation can be an exciting time, but it can also be a dangerous one. When you are on vacation, your home is ripe for invasion by thieves who may wish to take advantage of an empty house. If you have a vacation planned, here are some tips on home security while traveling.

Social Media

It’s tempting to shout about your exciting trip to Hawaii next week, but publicly announcing your plans on Facebook or Twitter is usually a mistake. Obviously, your friends are not going to rob you, but you never know where that information could end up once it’s out there on the internet. You can post plenty of pictures about your trip once you’re safely back home.

Rotate Your Vacations

While it might take an ambitious thief to learn your vacation schedule, you never know who might think it would be worth it. If possible, try to avoid going away on vacation the exact same time every year or season, so burglars with a long-term plan don’t learn your standard routine.

Make Your Home Look Lived In

If you have a neighbor who can pick up your mail and come into your home to turn the lights on every once in a while, so it doesn’t appear the home is vacant, this could be enough to deter thieves. If not, it can be a good idea to stop your mail and any magazine or newspaper delivery so things don’t pile up, alerting potential burglars that you may not be home.

Another great idea is to set up smart controls in your home so you can turn lights on and off remotely. Being able to randomly turn your lights on and off at different times from wherever you’re vacationing is a great way to make sure potential burglars thing you’re still at home.

Have a High-Tech Security System Installed

Making sure your security system is up to date and active before you leave is another great way to protect your home. Surveillance cameras that you can view remotely can give you peace of mind and will often deter burglars who see them, knowing the home is thoroughly protected from potential unwanted entry.

Contact Lloyd Security to Secure Your Home Today

Having proper home security while on vacation is vital, whether you’re going on a weekend excursion or are preparing your house for an extended vacation. If you live in the Minneapolis or related areas, be sure to contact Lloyd Security before your next vacation. We can set up smart controls for your home so you can control virtually everything remotely, from lights to thermostat to security cameras and more. You can even control the door locks so if you need to let someone into your home you can, even when you’re on vacation. Lloyd Security can set you up with a complete system that can stop any potential intruder in their tracks.

To find out about setting up your Lloyd Security system so you can relax on your vacation knowing your home is completely safe, contact us today.