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Energy Management

Residential Energy Management Systems in Minneapolis, MNsecurity companies in minneapolis

Home Energy management systems in Minneapolis have become a must-have if you’re under a tight household budget. With rising electricity costs your bills will go up because of heating, cooling and lighting.

We make it easy to access your house from your smart phone. Control your AC, heating and electricity by the Alarm.com app with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Stay in charge of your energy usage easily and remotely with a house energy management system from Lloyd Security.

Energy Management for Thermostats

Your home’s temperature can be scheduled and pre-set to give you maximum comfort. You can have your heating and cooling running all day, but think about how much electricity is being used when you’re not home. With cellular monitoring technology you can remotely control your house’s heating and cooling with the smartphone app from Alarm.com.

With a home automation system from Lloyd Security, your home automation system will allow you to:

  • Control Home AC System. The temperature will be perfect when you walk in if you set rules up for your house.
  • Adjust Heating. If you have been away, you can turn up the heating system as you get closer to home.
  • Turn Lights On or Off. Never come home to a dark house again. Turn a few lights on from your smartphone and geo-services.

Remote access to these features helps you save money and helps take your comfort in your home to the next level. Call Lloyd Security for a free consult about home energy management systems and saving money on energy.

Energy Management for Home Lighting

When you’re not home, leaving lights on is a major waste of money and electricity.  With the Alarm.com app you can control all of the lighting in your house at any time. If you’re out late, you can have your lights turn on once you get within a certain radius of your house thanks to the Geo-Services offered from Lloyd Security.

Energy management is easy when you combine your house with our home automation system. Once your Lloyd Security system is installed, all you need to do for maximum savings is to set all of your preferences and let the system do the rest for you. You’ll start seeing your energy consumption drop and see the savings in your bank account.

Call Lloyd Security today for a free consultation or fill out the form on the home page and we will contact you!