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Is employee theft a constant problem at your Minneapolis-area restaurant? Are you losing money due to an inordinate number of “dine-and dashers?” Is your restaurant located in an area prone to vandalism and break-ins, or are you simply looking to create a safer, more hospitable environment that will encourage diners to keep coming back?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then installing an effective, reliable restaurant security system makes sense for your business. Since 2002, Lloyd Security has been providing state-of-the-art commercial systems that help Minneapolis business owners of all types protect their property, as well as their employees and customers. A high-quality restaurant security system from Lloyd Security will also give you something equally important as superior protection: peace of mind.

We Can Provide a Superior Restaurant Security Camera System 

Installing an effective camera system is perhaps the most important security measure any restaurant owner can take. Strategically placed restaurant security cameras for your Minneapolis location will enable you to monitor the areas that are most vulnerable to theft and shrinkage and ensure your staff remains in compliance with safe food-handling practices and regulations.

Get the benefit of technologically advanced IP cameras that provide crystal-clear HD-quality video feeds you can view on your office or home computer or even your smartphone. You’ll be able to easily retrieve and review cloud recordings at specified time frames, which can prove invaluable when identifying thieves and dine-and-dashers.

Robust Fire and Smoke Detection Systems With Video Verification

Fire is another serious threat to every Minneapolis restaurant owner. Lloyd Security offers sophisticated fire and smoke detection systems that will provide the early, accurate alerts essential for preventing a potential disaster. You can also select our video verification service that minimizes the possibility of false alarms and substantially reduces the response times of firefighters and other first responders.

Intrusion Detection Systems for Restaurants

Virtually any type of commercial property is susceptible to break-ins — and restaurants are no exception. Our intrusion detection solutions can provide immediate, verified alerts whenever an unauthorized individual attempts to gain access. Choose from a wide range of intrusion detection options including motion detectors, photoelectric beams and glass break detectors. Advanced control panels make your intrusion detection system so easy to operate.

Lloyd Security: A Full-Service Restaurant Security Solutions Provider

Lloyd Security is a local, family-owned company that business owners throughout the Minneapolis area have come to know and trust. In addition to a high-quality, fully integrated restaurant security system at an affordable price, you can count on us for comprehensive installation, maintenance and support. We take the security of your business seriously!

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