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Mobile & Tablet

Access your entire home automation system from a single screen.

  • Control devices connected to your Alarm.com mobile and tablet app.
  • Watch earlier recorded videos or live video.
  • Receive instantaneous alerts and notifications if something occurs at home.
  • Set up custom alerts, Smart Schedules and Geo Services.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. Accessible from any Smartphone or Tablet from m.alarm.com. Get a custom quote today on our home automation systems!

Apple Watch

The Alarm.com app for the Apple Watch uses interactions to allow you to control your smart home automation system. Control everything in your Lloyd Security system from the Apple Watch.

  • Locks
  • Lights
  • Garage Door
  • Thermostats
  • Watch Video
  • Get Alerts
  • Control Your Security System


Amazon Fire TV

With the new Alarm.com application for the Fire TV, you can watch live video from your security cameras direct to your TV. Keep an eye on the rest of your house while you’re busy in the kitchen finishing up dinner!