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Top Business Security Tips

While home security is important, business security can be just as important. We pay so much attention to protecting our business from computer-based crimes that we often forget about the physical security of our offices and other workplaces. Cybersecurity is vital, of course, but all the firewalls and anti-virus software in the world won’t help you if a competitor’s agent walks into your office and walks out with sensitive files under his or her arm. You also need to be concerned about the physical safety of your employees who may be working late at night.

Fortunately, there are plenty of business security tips to implement to help keep valuables and employees safe. Here are some top security ideas for business.

Code of Conduct/Security Clearances

There should be a clear code of contact governing how employees are expected to act and what areas they can access or avoid during the course of their day. Management should familiarize employees with this code as soon as they join the company. If possible, you can increase safety by issuing credentials indicating exactly what and where employees can access.


Adequate Lighting/Video Cameras

Make sure there is adequate lighting not only throughout your office, but also in parking lots and any other areas where employees might be isolated and potential victims of attack. Someone should be in charge of making sure these lights are always on any time employees may be present, especially after normal business hours, and that any faulty or burned-out lights are immediately replaced.

Installing highly visible, strategically placed video cameras in parking lots, elevators, stairwells and other areas that may present danger is also an important and effective way to protect employees.


Emergency Plans

Make sure there are clear emergency plans in place for situations such as theft, fire and unauthorized intrusion. Employees should know where to go, how to get there, who to contact and how to contact them in each eventuality. The evacuation plan should be clearly displayed somewhere that employees can see and learn it so they will respond automatically should a safety or security emergency arise.


Top-Notch Commercial Security System

One of the best commercial security tips you can act on is installing a high-quality commercial security system. You probably have gone all out when it comes to your cybersecurity measures, so shouldn’t your physical security measures get just as much attention?

Remember, you need to be concerned not only about random attacks on employees, but also industrial espionage and theft, and any measures short of a complete security system may not be enough. Intrusion protection, video surveillance and video identity verification are necessary for the complete safety of your business.

If your business is located in the Minneapolis area, contact Lloyd Security immediately to set up your commercial security system. We offer customized security system services tailored to your business needs, including intrusion protection devices to let you and the authorities know if anyone gains unauthorized access, video surveillance systems that stream directly to your smartphone, video verification and keyless access control.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your company’s property and employees are protected by professionals. Let Lloyd Security install your complete commercial security system today.