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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Often called a “silent killer,” carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas responsible for an average of 20,000 hospital visits — and more than 430 deaths — annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Minneapolis and beyond, carbon monoxide alarms are saving lives every year. While you may never end up needing it, knowing you have a quality carbon monoxide detector installed can provide peace of mind and security in any home.

Lloyd Security offers highly accurate and reliable carbon monoxide alarms that are easy to set up and intuitive to use. Contact us to learn more about your options for protecting yourself and your family against this potentially deadly threat.

Carbon Monoxide Facts

Carbon monoxide is produced by car engines and other gas-burning motors, as well as furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, lanterns and other home appliances. In most cases, these devices are stored or installed in such a way that their poisonous by-products don’t build up in the home. However, in some cases — particularly in older homes that have fallen into disrepair — gas can accumulate indoors. Symptoms of CO poisoning range from headaches and dizziness to disordered thinking and even death.

There are many steps you can take to prevent CO accumulation in your home, including upgrading your furnace, having your heating system serviced and cleaning your chimney. Your first and best line of defense, however, is a reliable carbon monoxide alarm.

Even well-maintained appliances can fail, particularly in older homes. An alarm system lets you know immediately when hazardous levels of the gas are detected, so you can take preventative action and get your family and pets to safety.

What Are the Requirements for Installing Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Minneapolis?

Due to their proven ability to provide an early warning that saves lives, carbon monoxide alarms are now required in new and existing single-family homes, as well as single family dwellings in multi-dwelling structures in Minnesota in accordance with Minnesota Statute 299F.50. This statute took effect for new homes in January of 2007 and existing single-family homes in August of 2008. In Minneapolis and South Saint Paul, enforcement of the carbon monoxide alarm falls under the jurisdiction of the cities’ Truth-in-Housing initiatives.


What Constitutes an Approved CO Alarm?

Statute 299F.50 defines an approved CO alarm as a device that is specifically designed and constructed for the single purpose of detecting carbon monoxide. Thus, a smoke detector would not be considered a CO alarm. The device must also meet the approval of a certified national testing laboratory in compliance with the most recent Underwriters Laboratories standards.


What Is an Operational CO Alarm?

A compliant carbon monoxide alarm must be fully operational — a unit with a failed or missing battery does not fulfill this requirement. Alarms must be properly maintained, and they must be replaced if they are stolen, missing or rendered inoperable. As with smoke alarms, timely battery replacement is an essential CO alarm maintenance step.


What Is a Properly Installed CO Alarm?

According to 299F.50, an installed CO alarm is one that is plugged into an electrical outlet and does not require a switch to operate. It is hardwired into the home’s electrical wiring system or attached to the wall of the home (in the case of a battery-powered model). Ceiling-mounted CO alarms are also acceptable. A free-standing unit not mounted to a wall or ceiling is not considered a properly installed alarm.


Where Should You Place Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

Statute 299F.50 further stipulates that single-family residences and every living unit within a multi-family structure must install a carbon monoxide alarm with 10 feet of each unit lawfully used for sleeping purposes. To determine the distance, measure between the door of the room and the alarm. Passing through doors or walls does not count when determining the appropriate distance.


Sophisticated CO Alarms From Lloyd Security

Fulfilling our commitment to total home safety, Lloyd Security is proud to offer sophisticated carbon monoxide alarms for Minneapolis homes. Our products take the worry out of security monitoring, offering Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone controls and other advanced features.

Add a CO alarm to one of our complete security packages containing fire and smoke detection, temperature control, video monitoring and more. When it comes to carbon monoxide, the preventative steps you take today could end up saving your life in the future. Call Lloyd Security to learn more.