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Retail stores face a number of serious security risks. Shoplifting and employee theft result in losses totaling millions of dollars each year to the retail industry. The tactic of “sweethearting,” where employees give unauthorized discounts to friends and family members, is also a major problem in many retail establishments. Then there is a relatively new phenomenon known as “flash robbing,” where groups of adolescents raid a store and steal whatever they can, posing a serious danger to customers and employees. Additionally, retail store parking lots are a perennial target of thieves, especially during the holiday shopping season.

The good news is that if you operate a store in the Minneapolis, MN area, Lloyd Security can provide a technologically advanced retail store security system that will fully protect your establishment against theft, vandalism and other security threats. We’ve been providing high-quality, affordable retail store security systems in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities area since 2002.


State-of-the-Art Retail Security Camera Systems That Cover All Vulnerable Areas

Our selection of retail store security devices includes innovative IP cameras that enable you to closely monitor your most vulnerable areas including entrances and exits, cash registers, warehouse/backrooms, sales floors and parking lots. Our cameras provide a clear HD video stream you can monitor at any time via your Web-enabled computer or smartphone. You also get the benefit of cloud storage of archived video footage so you can easily retrieve and review recordings at any point.

Intrusion Protection With Video Verification

After-hours break-ins are another common retail store security risk. You can count on Lloyd Security for a wide range of retail store security devices such as motion sensors, photoelectric beams and door contacts that will alert you and law enforcement whenever any unauthorized access takes place. Video verification is also available that can eliminate false alarms and significantly reduce police response times when an actual break-in occurs.

We’ll Help You Determine the Best Retail Store Security System for Your Needs

At Lloyd Security, we understand that no two retail stores are alike, and each establishment has its own unique security vulnerabilities. Our Minneapolis security experts will take the time to thoroughly assess your requirements and recommend a customized, fully integrated package that meets your needs and budget. What’s more, we’ll provide a fast, efficient installation of your retail video security system, along with timely, reliable maintenance and support for as long as you own it.

Contact Us to Learn More About Your Retail Store Security System Options

Don’t let theft, vandalism or other security risks pose a threat to your retail business. Contact the Minneapolis security experts at Lloyd Security to schedule a free consultation today!