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Security Cameras for Vacant Properties

Vacant lots and properties under construction are prime targets for thieves and vandals. To protect your investment, vacant home monitoring is necessary. You need a security camera system, and Lloyd Security has a variety of options to suit your needs. Our products are both powerful deterrents to potential thieves and useful tools for remotely monitoring vacant properties. Let us put together a customized package that is affordable and easy to use. Keep reading to learn more or contact us by phone or email today.

Why Install a Security Camera on a Vacant Property?

Why do you need vacant property surveillance in Minneapolis? The need for surveillance for a completed, functional building that someone can break into is obvious, but before your project is in place, what is there to steal? It might surprise you to learn that, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, construction sites and vacant homes are the most vandalized and most burglarized locations in the United States.

While an unfinished lot may not seem as valuable as a completed building project to you, the fact is that it is a veritable playground for thieves. Access is extremely difficult to control, and everything on a vacant lot is something an enterprising criminal can steal and sell for a profit, from copper wire to lumber to expensive construction machines. A vacant property without any kind of obvious protection is an easy target.

Furthermore, inadequate security could create problems from people other than criminals. Vagrants, drug addicts and general loiterers could stumble onto your lot thinking it is an abandoned property. Surveillance for Minneapolis properties with Lloyd Security will allow you to spot these individuals so you can usher them off your property before they hurt themselves or damage anything on the site.

Why Not Use Security Guard for Abandoned Property Surveillance?

Hiring a single security guard to control access to your vacant property is unlikely to be effective, as there are too many points of entry to guard, and you may need 24-hour surveillance to fully protect your property. You could hire a team of guards, but this could quickly become cost-prohibitive, and in most cases, this is not the most effective solution. One of the main reasons vacant lots are so frequently vandalized and burglarized is because it looks like no one is paying attention to them. A few prominently placed security cameras will let anyone walking by know that someone is watching and that your lot is not an easy target. If you do spot someone on your property through your cameras, the local police can usually remove them quickly and easily for free.

Remember, a minimal investment in a vacant property security system from Minneapolis’ Lloyd Security can have many benefits that save you money and time. Our products can:

  • Prevent the theft of expensive construction materials or copper wiring and other vacant building components
  • Prevent vandalism that is expensive and time-consuming to clean up
  • Protect you from liability should someone be injured while sneaking on-site
  • Monitor site conditions and respond to emergencies such as fires, floods and other issues
  • Compared to the cost of hiring an overnight security crew, a vacant property surveillance system is the clear value-leader

In addition, if you are trying to sell your vacant store or property, quality security cameras can make your property look safer, appealing and more upscale. If you are building a home or business of your own on your property, you will already have security cameras in place when your enterprise is ready to launch.

Contact Lloyd Security to Get Started Today

We provide monitoring cameras and security systems for vacant stores in Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond. Minneapolis property owners have been highly satisfied with our video surveillance services for more than 10 years and you can be, too. If you’re ready to protect your vacant property from thieves, vandals and vagrants, we can help. Contact our office and request a consultation with one of our experienced security sales professionals today. Our vacant home monitoring systems are the best in the area.